WMVMMS-tv 85The Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School WMVMMS-TV 85 Broadcast Club creates broadcasts to air in homeroom every morning.  A large group of dedicated students plan, write, produce, film, record, and tape a morning television broadcast news show.  The show airs on Channel 85 to all homerooms in the middle school.  The daily “pledge of allegiance”, news, weather, sports, fun facts and morning announcements are seen and heard throughout the school.  Students are developing critical thinking skills as well as editing, broadcasting, speaking, producing, and writing skills as they perform their various high-tech roles in the on-campus studio.

Broadcast Club is still waiting for our new equipment to be upgraded. The hope is that we will be recording new episodes to stream by the end of the month. There is still time to get involved. See Mr. Bates for more details.