Staff Communication Plans


Quick Reference for Online Information

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Below you will find a link provided for each MVMMS teacher with information about how they specifically share their information with you, whether it be Google Classroom or an Aspen page. This includes any special instructions you may need to find out how your child is doing in their class or access class materials and information.

6A 6B 6C
English Mrs. Weber Elizabeth Colgan Ms. Slosberg
Math Mrs.Corbett Kristen Loan Elena Orcutt
Science Brian Macdonald Karen Parker Amy Colby
Social Studies Jon Babula Mr. Mahoney Ms. Reagan
Special Education Mrs. Meegan Ms. Vaughan Mrs. Warren
7A 7B 7C
English Adam Azia Emma Pampanin Sarah Haney
Math Mrs. Cronin Jake Whitmore Andrea Ciampa
Science Kelly Bradley Jennifer Barborek Gillian Victor
Social Studies Mrs. Nancy Fowke Mr. Donovan Morgan Crooks
Special Education Ms. Benson Ms. Tocci Mr. Chandler
8A 8B 8C
English Mr. Brearley Mrs. Means Ms. Leisk
Math Ms. Wilson Mrs. Fritz
Science Mrs. McLaughlin Mr. Jimenez Mr. Jackson
Social Studies Mrs. Sewyck Mrs. Duncan Mrs. Connell
Special Education Mr. Blaus Mrs. Murray Mrs. Pollard – Ramos
Cross Team Teachers
Global Languages Spanish – Vanessa French Spanish – Señor Malley French – Madame Riendeau
German – Eri Buitrago (Frau B) Italian –Dawn Teixeira Latin –
Physical Education/Health/Wellness Kim Nardone

Anthony Palmieri

Steven Mirasolo

Lauren Doherty

Sam Tetreau
Visual Arts Mrs. Jerz Ms. Allen
Performing Arts Band – Mr. Repucci Orchestra – Mr. Miller Chorus – Ms. Piper
Technology & Engineering

Tech Engineering –

Michael L. McLaughlin

Computers & Digital Literacy

Industrial Design

Mrs. Miles

Mathematics (Algebra H) Ms. Thomas
ESL (English as Second Language) Mrs. Irina Kouznetsova


Special Education Staff
Mr. Bates Mr. Merrill Ms. Stergiou Mr. Turner