Principal’s Page

Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School is a nearly 800 student school that sits attached to Melrose High School forming the Secondary School’s Campus. Constructed in 2007, the building features many amenities that provide outstanding educational and enrichment opportunities to students. The staff is a highly trained, dedicated group of professionals who are committed to the concept of middle school education. The students are supported as they explore a variety of course topics and students are provided with a rigorous curriculum that leverages strong instructional practices. Students are also exposed to a wide variety of exploratory and elective classes that build upon the core content and open their eyes to the many learning opportunities that exist to educating the whole child. Technology is utilized in classrooms everyday with Smartboards in every classroom and use of Chromebooks, Nooks, and various other tools for learning.

The School and district leadership team has worked with the staff in recent years to revise course content, sequencing, assessments and instruction to align with the MA 2011 Curriculum Frameworks  and help prepare students to be College and Career ready. This process is always ongoing with constant review of curriculum and programmatic offerings to meet needs of students.

Communication will be a key focus for me and the staff at MVMMS and I look forward to sharing more information about curriculum, instruction and the great things happening for students at MVMMS.

Brent Conway, Principal

MVMMS Core Values

developed by MVMMS Staff in 2015

As a school, we recognize that it is vital for student success that we all have a common understanding of what we teach, pursue and value.

At MVMMS we value…

  • Effective communication that is transparent and non-judgmental in order to foster strong relationships with families, students and staff.
  • Decisions about teaching and learning that are student centered, and developmentally appropriate.
  • A philosophy of education that embraces the whole student/person where we include instruction and learning opportunities that include a wide range of academics, arts, social/emotional learning, technology and community involvement.
  • A growth mindset where all are working to improve and where feedback is clear, productive, purposeful and timely.
  • An environment that is focused on student success where goal setting embraces that everyone has their own ladder to climb.
  • Learning experiences for students that are meaningful, engaging and promote excellence and effort.
  • Opportunities in and outside of the classroom where students can learn about and contribute to a global society.
  • Teaching and modeling respectful behaviors while we also teach and expect respect for diversity and the uniqueness of each individual for what they contribute to our community.
  • That we are a school where everyone belongs.

MPS Vision Statement

Our vision is that all children in the Melrose Public Schools be given the opportunity to achieve greatness and educational excellence through the dedicated efforts of inspired educators, involved families and a supportive community.

MPS Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire, engage and challenge all students to achieve excellence. to become lifelong learners, and to be successful participants in our global community.