Students should go to their lockers before lunch to get their coats, hats and lunch, etc. Students must walk to the cafeteria. Students should report to their respective section, place their coats on the chair, and then proceed to one of the lunch lines. Do not cut in the lunch line. Students are to remain in their seats while eating lunch. “Table hopping” is not permitted during lunch. Students must remain at their assigned tables and in their seats. Eat food only at your table. If you spill something, clean the spill or ask an adult politely for assistance. Do not take food out of the cafeteria. All students must go outside after they are finished eating. No student is allowed to leave the cafeteria and go to another area without permission. Students must remain in the designated area. After lining up to reenter the building, students must walk to their next class. Permit students in front of you enough room to walk safely to their next class. During inclement weather, students will remain indoors at their assigned seats.

Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School and Chartwells School Dining Services participate in the Federal National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Information regarding the cost of lunch and breakfast, nutritional guidelines and family meals applications for the free or reduced meals program are available by clicking on the “Lunch Menu” link through the Quick Links menu at the top of the page.

It is Melrose Public School District’s intent that children not be hungry at school; however, it is the responsibility of students, parents or guardians to pay for meals provided by the school foodservice program at the time of purchase. The Lunch POS account is a debit, not a credit account and we highly encourage pre-payment to provide a faster point of service. Students buying lunch or breakfast are responsible for having funds available for their purchase.

In the event that a student’s account obtains a negative balance, we will only allow them to purchase a complete meal for up to two (2) days. Repayment is expected the next school day. The selection will be limited until payment is received and the negative balance is paid. Student negative account balances that remain unpaid will result in parental contact.

Balances can be checked and pre-payments can be made on line at Melrose Public Schools/Chartwells web site at:

This site allows parents of students to prepay money directly into their child’s account, monitor their child’s food purchases, set up low-balance email reminders, and schedule recurring payments.