Inclement Weather Days

School Cancellations and Delays

During inclement weather the Superintendent of Schools consults with the DPW and police on a decision to close schools for the day, delay them for 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours, or possibly dismiss early.

As an example of a one-hour “delayed opening” due to inclement weather, middle school students would start at 8:40 a.m. If school is delayed, an announcement is sent through the Connect-ed phone system and email, it is posted on the district website in a top banner and an announcement will be made on the following radio and television stations: WBZ Radio 1030 AM and Channel 4 TV, WHDH Radio 850 AM and Channel 7 TV, and WEEI Radio 590 AM and Channel 5 TV.

Please do not call the Melrose Police Department, Melrose Fire Department or the Melrose School Department to inquire about delayed openings or no school announcements. Many television stations continuously run such announcements at the bottom of the television screen. .

MVMMS Sidewalk Snow Plow Routes: 2015-2016

SidewalkThe goal of the DPW in Melrose is to plow streets and targeted sideways for public safety.  The City of Melrose plows certain sidewalks so that school children can safely walk to school.  Attached below are four maps of the sidewalk plow routes for different parts of the City of Melrose.

Citizens are urged to keep the sidewalks in front their home free of ice and snow to the best of their ability.