Student Handbook & Code of Conduct

Every student at Melrose Middle School will receive the Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School 2015-2016 Agenda Book which includes the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct. All students must read the Student Handbook and the Code of Conduct which can also be found online. The MVMMS Student Agenda Book is an important organizational tool. It contains information that your child will need. It can also help your child to organize daily assignments. In combination with Aspen, teachers will be using this organizational assignment book with their students. A parent/guardian can be actively involved in their child’s educational progress by checking the assignment book daily or Aspen pages and reviewing our school rules. A parent/guardian can see the homework and projects that are assigned, as well as the dates of quizzes and tests and other vital information, by looking at the student’s assignment book or at their Aspen account. Organizational skills are important to have because they guide a student in his/her quest for educational achievement. Well-organized students also have a positive self-image. They experience a degree of personal satisfaction and confidence that builds self-esteem, enhances achievement, and improves behavior.

We want our students to be successful at Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School. We want you to be proud of their accomplishments. Therefore, the use of the MVMMS Student Agenda, along with the expertise of the teaching staff, your help in providing a place to do homework, checking homework assignments, and helping your child to study, will help your child to succeed. It is a journey we look forward to taking together!

Rather than viewing the entire handbook, on the bar on the left you will find some sections of the handbook listed where you can jump to that specific information.

MPS secondary schools handbook & code of conduct 16-17 Final

MPS secondary schools handbook & code of conduct 16-17 Final