FAQ’s and Essential Information

1) What time does school start?

A – The School day starts at 7:45 AM, but the first bell to allow students in the building is at 7:38 AM. This means students must be in their HR seat at 7:45. Students should plan on entering the building no later than 7:40. Tardy students will be sent to the attendance office on the 4th floor. Breakfast is served starting at 7:00 AM and students eating breakfast can come into the cafe between 7:00 AM and 7:30 AM.

2) Where do I drop off or pick up my child?

A – Drop off and Pick up procedures are posted in several location on out website. Please follow this link.

3) If my child will be absent, how do I notify the school?

A – Call the attendance office at 781-979-2116

4) How do I contact a teacher if have a question?

A – The best way is through email. Staff email addresses are generally the first letter of their name followed by their last name @melroseschools.com. You can also use our email directory found on the main page of the school website.

You can also call the school’s main number and leave a message with the receptionist to place in the teachers mailbox. The voice mail system for staff has been repaired this year and staff will also be able to access voice mails as well. 

You can generally expect a response within 24 hours during the school week, unless a staff member is absent or other circumstances arise. 

If you have a pressing concern, always feel free to contact your child’s guidance counselor, our Assistant Principal, Jaime Parsons [email protected] or Principal, Brent Conway [email protected].

5) Who is my child’s Guidance Counselor?

A – Guidance Counselors are assigned to a specific grade and they assist with a wide variety of questions and concerns from scheduling conflicts, peer/students issues, academic planning concerns, 504 plans, and classroom issues. They are often a first point of contact if it’s anything other than a specific class question for a teacher.


8th Grade –   Laura Dubiel – [email protected]

7th Grade – Molly Magee – [email protected]

6th Grade – Chessie Shaw – [email protected]

6) What do I do about gaining access to Aspen so I can see how my child is doing?

A – Each student and parent is provided with an Aspen logon username and password. The student account is specific to that student and they can view information relative to their own schedule. A parent account provides wide access to all of your children’s relative schedules in the Melrose Public Schools.

Families with a child entering into 6th grade who have not previously had an account from an older child will receive account information in the first two weeks of school. Training sessions for parents will also be scheduled in the fall. 6th Grade students and those new to Melrose will receive their account information in the first two weeks of school too and will be trained on how to use the system.

Once you have an account, have attended training but you have technical problems/questions you can contact [email protected]