Community Service

Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students are expected to perform community service projects and/or individual activities each year.  The nature of the community service experience is flexible.  Students can design and perform their own community service projects at home, in their neighborhood, and/or in the community with parental guidance.  Often teams at school provide opportunities or suggestions on how to perform community service.  It is each student’s responsibility to complete community service.  The students decide how many hours of community service to perform each year.  Therefore, some students will perform more hours than others.  Students should discuss what they want to do with their teachers and/or parents.

Enclosed are blank copies of the MVMMS Community Service letter and Community Service Form. If you do not have a community service form or it is in school and you need another form for a signature, then download this form.  After you have completed a community service activity, record the information, obtain an adult’s signature (person who has knowledge that you completed the service – parent, neighbor, relative, teacher, etc.) and submit the form to your team leader or guidance counselor.  Good luck with your community service projects!

Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students will be competing in a global economy, and their success will largely depend on their level of knowledge and skills.  Research and experience has shown that when expectations are raised, student achievement improves.  In addition to acquiring knowledge and skills, students need to have certain “personal qualities” that are necessary for success.  The following five school-wide “personal qualities” are stressed at Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School: honesty, responsibility, self-management, sociability and self-esteem.  Sociability means being friendly and helpful, working politely, working well with others, being cooperative and kind, and showing empathy for others.  In an effort to demonstrate “helpfulness,” we have instituted a community service component to our program.  Each team will discuss individual and/or team community service projects.  A record of each student’s community service will be recorded and placed in his/her cumulative record in the guidance office.