After School Help Days

After School Help sessions and schedule as of September 22nd, 2015


Name Subject After School Help Days 
Arnold, Wendy Librarian Tuesday, Thursday
Azia, Adam English 7A Tuesday, Thursday
Bates, Brandon Special Ed Dev. Learning Monday, Tuesday
Blaus, Varis Special Ed 8 Tuesday, Thursday
Chandler, Chris Special Ed 7 Tuesday, Thursday
Ciampa, Andrea Math 7C Monday, Wednesday
Colarusso, Jen Special Ed LBC 7 Monday, Wednesday
Colby, Amy Science 6C Monday, Wednesday
Colgan, Beth English 6B Tuesday, Wednesday
Connell, Maureen History 8C Tuesday, Thursday
Corbett, Suzanne Math 6A Monday, Wednesday
Cronin, Julee Math 7A Tuesday, Thursday
Crooks, Morgan History 7C Monday, Wednesday
Cue, Jonathan Tech Ed 6-8 Monday, Wednesday
Doherty, Lauren Physical Ed 6-8 Monday, Wednesday
Dubiel, Laura Guidance 6 Monday, Wednesday
Duncan, Jenna History 8B Monday, Tuesday
Dylengoski, Amy History 6A Monday, Thursday

Edwards, Jacqueline


Spanish 6-8 Tuesday and Wednesday
Fritz, Kasey Algebra 8C Tuesday and Wednesday
Gravelese, Gordon Special Ed 6A Monday, Thursday
Gustafson, Liz Science 7B Monday, Tuesday
Haney, Sarah English 7C Wednesday, Thursday
Healey, Joanne Science 6A
Jerz, Susan Art 6-8 Tuesday, Thursday
Kouznetsova, Irena ELL 6-8 Tuesday, Thursday
Leisk, Joanne English 8C Monday, Wednesday
Loan, Kristen Math 6B Monday, Wednesday
Macdonald, Brian Science 7A Monday, Wednesday
Magee, Molly Guidance 8 Monday, Wednesday
Mahoney, Robert Geography 6B Monday, Tuesday
McLaughlin, Mike Tech Ed 6-8 Monday, Thursday
McLaughlin, Sarah Science 8A Tuesday, Friday
Means, Leslie English 8B Thursday, Friday
Meegan, Paula Special Ed 6 Monday, Tuesday
Merrill, Robert (Buck) Special Ed Monday, Thursday
Miles, Jodi Computers 6-8 Tuesday, Thursday
Miller, Luke Orchestra 6-8 Monday, Tuesday
Miner, Sean German 6-8 Tuesday, Wednesday
Mirasolo, Steven Physical Ed 6-8 Monday, Friday
Murray, Randi Special Ed 8 Tuesday, Thursday
Nardone, Kim Health 6-8 Tuesday, Friday
Orcutt, Elena Math 6C Monday, Thursday
Palmieri, Anthony Phys. Ed/Health 6-8 Monday, Wednesday
Parker, Karen Science 6B Tuesday, Thursday
Passarella, Dawn Italian 6-8 Monday, Thursday
Pollard, Gretchen LBC, 8A Monday, Wednesday
Piper, Kim Chorus 6-8 Monday, Wednesday
Prouty, Amanda History 7A Tuesday, Thursday
Ramos, Hannah Science 7C Tuesday, Friday
Reagan, Hannah History 6C Monday, Friday
Repucci, Matthew Band 6-8 Monday, Wednesday
Santa Maria, Jill Psychologist 6-8 Monday, Tuesday
Schwartz, Lisa Special Ed 7 Tuesday, Thursday
Sewyck, Michelle History 8A Tuesday, Thursday
Shanahan, Lindsay English 7B Monday, Thursday
Shaw, Chessie Guidance 7 Monday, Tuesday
Slosberg, Chelsea English 6C Monday, Tuesday
Spies, Allison Speech 6-8 Mondays, Wednesdays
Stanton, David Science 8B Monday, Thursday
Stergiou, Eileene Special Ed Monday, Thursday
Riendeau, Molly French 6-8 Tuesday, Thursday
Tetreau, Sam Phys Ed/Health 6-8 Monday, Friday
Thomas, Meg Math 8A Monday, Wednesday
Tierney, Kevin History 7B Monday, Thusrday
Tobin, Michela Spanish 8 Monday, Tuesday
Trevisani, Cheryl Psychologist 6-8
Turner, Steve Special Ed Monday, Thursday
Warren, Wendy Special Ed LBC 6 Tuesday, Thursday
Waters, Tracy Science 8C Tuesday, Thursday
Weber, Jess English 6A Tuesday, Thursday
Whitmore, Jacob Math 7B Tuesday, Thursday
Whittier, Bert English 8A Tuesday, Thursday