After School Help Days

After School Help sessions and schedule as of September 24th, 2014


Name Subject After School Help Days
Agha, Charesah Special Ed Monday & Wednesday
Allison, Kevin Algebra 8B Monday & Tuesday
Arnold, Wendy Librarian Monday & Thursday
Azia, Adam English 7A Tuesday & Thursday
Aziz, Heather Art 6-8 Thursday & Friday
Beane, Traci Special Ed Tuesday &  Thursday
Blaus, Varis Special Ed Tuesday & Wednesday
Bolduc, Jeff Guidance 8 Monday & Wednesday
Carbone, Staci Algebra 8C Monday & Tuesday
Carideo, Jenna History 8B Monday & Thursday
Chandler, Chris Special Ed Wednesday & Friday
Ciampa, Andrea Math 7C Monday & Wednesday
Colby, Amy Science 6C Tuesday & Thursday
Colgan, Beth English 6B Tuesday & Wednesday
Connell, Maureen History 8C Tuesday & Thursday
Corbett, Suzanne Math 6A Monday & Wednesday
Crooks, Morgan History 7C Monday & Wednesday
D’Antonio, Eric Science 8C Tuesday & Wednesday
Doherty, Lauren Physical Ed 6-8 Mondays & Friday
Dubiel, Laura Guidance 7 Mondays & Wednesday
Dwyer, Marianne Special Ed Monday & Thursday
Dylengoski, Amy History 7B Monday & Wednesday
Gill, Jerry Special Ed Tuesday & Wednesday
Gould, Linda Special Ed Tuesday & Thursday
Gustafson, Liz Science 7B Tuesday & Wednesday
Haney, Sarah English 7C Tuesday & Thursday
Hurney, Alison English 7B Monday & Wednesday
Kane, Michelle History 8A Monday & Thursday
Keefe, Jean Health 6-8 Tuesday & Wednesday
Kent, Brendan Physical Ed 6-8 Monday & Tuesday
Kouznetsova, Irena ELL 6-8 Tuesday & Thursday
Leisk, Joanne English 8C Monday & Wednesday
Loan, Kristen Math 6B Monday & Wednesday
Macdonald, Brian Science 7A Monday & Wednesday
Mahoney, Robert Geography 6B Monday & Tuesday
McGrath, Nina English 6A Monday & Thursday
McLaughlin, Mike Tech Ed 6-8 Tuesday & Thursday
McLaughlin, Sarah Science 8A Monday & Friday
Means Leslie English 8B Monday & Friday
Meegan, Paula Special Ed Monday & Wednesday
Merrill, Robert (Buck) Special Ed Monday & Thursday
Miles, Jodi Computers 6-8 Tuesday & Thursday
Miller, Luke Orchestra 6-8 Tuesday &  Thursday
Miner, Sean German 6-8 Tuesday & Wednesday
Mirasolo, Steven Physical Ed 6-8 Tuesday & Friday
Murray, Erik Science 6A Monday & Tuesday
Murray, Randi Special Ed Monday & Wednesday
Orcutt, Elean Math 6C Monday & Tuesday
Palmieri, Anthony Health 6-8 Monday & Tuesday
Parker, Karen Science 6B Tuesday & Thursday
Passarella, Dawn Italian 6-8
Piper, Kim Chorus 6-8 Monday & Thursday
Proulx, Christina Math 7A Monday & Thursday
Prouty, Amanda History 7A Tuesday & Thursday
Ramos, Hannah Science 7C Tuesday & Thursday
Reagan, Hannah History 6C Monday & Thursday
Repucci, Matthew Band 6-8 Monday & Wednesday
Rodas, Jacqueline Spanish 6-8 Wednesday & Friday
Santa Maria, Jill Special Ed Monday & Wednesday
Saul, Trisha Tech Ed 6-8 Monday & Tuesday
Shaw, Chessie Guidance 6 Monday & Tuesday
Slosberg, Chelsea English 6C Monday & Tuesday
Spies, Allison Speech 6-8
Stanton, David Science 8B Tuesday & Thursday
Stergiou, Eileene Special Ed Monday & Tuesday
Sullivan, Leslie French 6-8 Monday & Thursday
Taylor, Graham Math 8A Tuesday & Thursday
Tierney, Kevin History 7B Monday & Tuesday
Tobin, Michela Spanish 8
Trevisani, Cheryl Psychologist 6-8 Monday & Wednesday
Turner, Steve Special Ed Monday & Wednesday
Warren, Wendy Special Ed Tuesday & Thursday
Whitmore, Jacob Math 7B Tuesday & Thursday
Whittier, Bert English 8A Tuesday & Wednesday