Financial Literacy Program in Partnership with Fidelity

All MVMMS 7th Grade students began a three part series on Financial Literacy through a partnership with Fidelity Investments. On November 28th, three volunteers from Fidelity’s Boston office came to MVMMS and met with all of the 7th Grade Math classes throughout the entire day. The program  is called “Fidelity Cares” and is a volunteer effort by Fidelity employees to provide financial literacy to school children and teachers.  Debra Frey, who leads marketing for Fidelity’s Tax Exempt retirement services, Sylvia Hammond, who leads communications for Fidelity’s Tax Exempt retirement services and Melrose resident and parent, David Martin, who leads client analytics and industry research for Fidelity’s Tax Exempt retirement services enjoyed they first day with the students. They will return for two more days later this school year.

fidelity program in 7th grade fidelity program2 in 7th grade