“We Remember” Holocaust Assembly presented to 7th Graders

Seventh grade student Bennett Serisky organized and hosted a “We Remember” assembly to honor those affected by genocides. It was held on April 24 at 7:45 a.m., and the seventh grade class gathered in the MVMMS auditorium to listen to the stories of several residents who had family members who survived the Holocaust.

Serisky first met the relatives of Holocaust survivors at Temple Beth Shalom, and after hearing their stories, wanted to give them the opportunity to share them with a larger audience. Working with Principal Conway, Serisky organized the presentation to coincide with Yom Hashoah.

“I wanted to do it because I wanted to help other people learn about genocide and why we have to stand up to it,” Serisky said. “I had heard their interesting stories and felt my classmates would benefit by hearing from them.”

Additionally, Serisky researched and presented on other genocides, including the Cambodian Genocide, Bosnian Genocide, Rwandan Genocide and the Syrian crisis going on today. To conclude the assembly, students held up “We Remember” signs to emphasize the lessons learned.

“This was an incredibly powerful presentation and Bennett did an amazing job not only organizing the speakers, but researching and putting together a historical slideshow for students,” Principal Conway said. “Thank you to the residents who came in to share their stories with the seventh grade class.”

B serisky and guests

Community members who had family who survived the Holocaust shared their stories with Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students.

Left to right: Sue Herz, Susi Ecker, Bennett Serisky, Ellen Krechmer and Rob Gati. 

we remember signs      b serisky speaking